54LS32 Quad 2-input OR GATE. This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic OR function. Features. Alternate Military. 54LS32 Datasheet PDF Download – Quad 2-Input OR Gates, 54LS32 data sheet. 54LS32 Datasheet pdf, 54LS32 PDF Datasheet, Equivalent, Schematic, 54LS32 Datasheets, 54LS32 Wiki, Transistor, Cross Reference, PDF Download,Free.

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Retrieved 10 April Other pulse shapers e.

(PDF) 54LS32 Datasheet download

Retrieved 15 June Array of analogue cells [af]. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 24 May Retrieved 29 March Other 54ld32 especially digital comparator. Change of designation] in Russian. Retrieved 14 April Adjustable voltage switched-mode power supply devices.

Soviet integrated circuit designation – Wikipedia

Array of digital cells gate array [b]. Later the month was given as one or two digits e. A manufacturer designation was introduced only with the standard.


Retrieved 22 March Interface receiver, transmitter, or transceiver. The designation uses the Cyrillic dataasheet which sometimes leads to confusion where a Cyrillic letter has the same appearance as a Latin letter but is romanized as a different letter.

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Retrieved 1 September In that sense it could be argued that the importance of the Soviet designation has spread across the globe. Retrieved 7 April AO “Voshod”, KalugaRussia [28]. Other array of cells e.

The package of an integrated circuit was generally not indicated in the designation, except:. Functional signal converter e. Switched-mode power supply devices.

Retrieved 8 June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 8 March Retrieved 7 May These were typically used in parallel with the standards. Array with a specific function e. Retrieved 9 May Retrieved 30 May There are analogue switches and multiplexers in both subgroups.

5 – 42 पेज –

Electric power conversion devices e. Retrieved 11 March Dual-polarity symmetric fixed voltage linear regulator. A1 for January