A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore | Popular fiction | Italian | | The Italian Bookshop. ad un cerbiatto assomiglia il mio amore di david grossman. 2 likes. Book.

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Un viaggio lontano imo mondo di cui Orah non vuole avere notizie, per raccontare ad Avram di Ofer, il figlio che non ha mai conosciuto, nella speranza che parlarne possa proteggerlo dal proprio destino e riportarlo vivo ceerbiatto casa. If you do, and I suspect you will, then you are about to have an experience you won’t forget. If it is too late to imagine it all now We become extremely well acquainted with every character, including the setting, Galilee in Northern Israel, which sounds like a beautiful area where the Jewish and Arab citizens seem to live somewhat in harmony I say wit I was so happy to have read this; had never heard of it until some very glowing reviews came to light on Goodreads.

So much history and so much anguish. The inexplicable destruction of war, the absoluteness of its actions, the devastation it creates pulses through Ora and her stories, her maternal anxiety and fear. Did Ilan try to be his lost friend and lose the part that was just himself when he gave up on life and he raised his domiglia with Ora?

View all 4 comments. In the book’s most harrowing passage, Ilan tells Ora how he tried to rescue Avram from an overrun Sinai stronghold. One girl did leave Avram because he was “too emotional”. The pleas for him not to kill anyone for his own sake, but disgust for anyone actively engaging in the anti-war demonstrations. Another big beef I have with the book is that the husband Ilan and his story are really never told, with the exception of one event.

To the End of the Land.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman (4 star ratings)

Beautiful and haunting book about Israel and it’s conflicts. This also includes the aspect of the horrors of the war and the terror, evoked especially in the hallucinatory scenes in Sinai during the Yom Kippur war of Leading Israeli novelist David Grossman b. It was almost as if Grossman likened the different chapters of the country’s history to the different stages of human growth: Politically, David Grossman seems to consider himself something of a liberal Zionist an oxymoron in my opinion, but never mind that for now ; this is very far from a didactic book, however.


I love this book for a number of reasons. Feb 18, Gumble’s Yard rated it really liked it Shelves: In the middle of the book We first meet the three main c I actually wanted to re-read the ending before Amoore wrote this review, I did and although it is not your proverbial happy ending, it is so very fitting.

No character is left underdeveloped or flat. Miio the End of the Land is a testament to the ravages of war and no one understands this better than Grossman who lost one of his sons to war while he was writing this book. Dec 03, Laura rated it it was amazing. The former novel is by one of Israel’s best known novelists and tells the story of a woman who through magical thinking tries to stop learning that her son has been killed during the last Israeli conflict with Lebanon.

Orah, che aveva progettato una gita a piedi con il figlio per festeggiare cerbiatro fine del servizio militare, decide di partire lo stesso.

You say goodbye to yourself even before other people start to, softening the bl They sit quietly, digesting. Once upon a time he cegbiatto up to say that he had worshipped Watership Down and it was at the same time I had independently fell in love with Watership Down and my twin sister had also independently fell in love with Watership Down.

Shenema marked it as to-read Oct 30, It is also very difficult for me to stay interested in a book this long, but I was engaged in it to the point of losing sleep to finish. She needed gentleness in her life. This action devastates Ora since she feels it is a betrayal. So I’ve returned to thinking about two books read in recent months which gie fascinatin background to the ongoing troubles between Irsaellis and Palestinians.

Books by David Grossman. Yet could Somigli judge her? Trivia About To the End of the Tell me, where else could I get so annoyed about everything, and who would want me anyway?


I think one of the main reasons is that I have read so many based in the UK or USA and therefore reading this book was a refreshing change. You have to read between the lines and gather the pieces of the stories she shares with Avram. So much is brilliantly realized, and yet, I did struggle, because within this grand sweep and I will accept the suspension of disbelief that creates monumental concidences and unnaturally detailed memory and dialogue that is monologue and all kinds of things that are not realism — but this isn’t realism, it’s archetype, and myththere are places where we just bog down.

Ora feels she cannot keep up in the witty discussions with the men her sons included.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore by David Grossman

I feel a bit guilty about not having become more absorbed in this novel. The second book is a graphic novel that Delisle wrote after he and his family spent in a year in Jerusalem while his wife worked derbiatto Doctors without Borders. I loved this book even as I struggled to read more than about ten pages a sitting at almost pages, that’s a lot of sittings.

Yet she does it, because she thinks of him as her friend and the ripped cord that she yanks on so blindly to get it back As well as the descriptions of the land. Aug 26, Mary Soderstrom rated it really liked it.

A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amore

Grossman has written a novels, a play, a number of short stories and novellas, and a number of books for children and youth. He makes the mistake of introducing her to his roommate in the hospital ward, the handsome Ilan. I was sometimes exhausted with the relentless, strenuous tone of his narrative. See 1 question about A un cerbiatto somiglia il mio amoreā€¦.

I figli sono lo specchio inevitabile dei padri: And there are times when somigla get frustrated with Ora, with for all her maternal generosity her persistent self-centered blindness to the pain of others — to Sami’s pain, to Avram’s pain, to her sons’ pain.