Iqbal tried to invoke in the Muslims a collective ego, beyond the ego of the self, that could enable a collection of men as large as 70 million to. Allahabad Address []. Muslim leaders at Allahabad, ` Allama Iqbal defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no. Allama Iqbal Address on at Allahabad. Importance In his Presidential Address, Allama labal said: ”I would like to see the Punjab.

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Is it possible for you to alalhabad the organic wholeness of a unified will? I do not wish to mystify anybody when I say that things in India are not what they appear to be. The first was the repudiated Lucknow Pact, which originated in a false view of Indian nationalism and deprived the Muslims of India of chances of acquiring any political power in India.

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Analyzing the 1930, Allahabad Address, Allama Iqbal

The later years observed the realization of his dream on August 14, A Study in Contrasts. Because there are many nations in the land, every nation is distinguished from the other in their customs, traditions and religion. Due to these reasons, he expressed his thoughts in this address. He defined the Muslims of India as a nation and suggested that there could be no possibility of peace in the country unless and until they were recognized as a nation.

His address arises the awareness that Why should Muslims be treated as a political entity rather than a minority. With the opening of his address, he made it addrezs upon his audience that the secular ideal of a state machine that works regardless of the belief of its people is not possible for Muslims, he said:. I only hope that British statesmanship will not obscure its view of the situation by hoodwinking itself into the belief that the present unrest in the province is due to any extraneous causes.

And these mutually ill-adjusted States, after trampling over the moral and religious convictions of Christianity, are today feeling the need of a federated Europe, i. Allahabad Address Posted by: I have given the best part of my life to a careful study of Islam, its law and polity, its culture, its history and its literature.

Political events had taken an ominous turn. He narrated the basic principles of the Islam and aedress of the 19300 to their faith. In his presidential address on 29 DecemberIqbal outlined a vision of an independent state for Muslim-majority provinces in northwestern India. In Islam God and the universe, spirit and matter, Church and State, are organic to each other. The Muslims of India are differently situated. In Iqbal delivered the Presidential Address the Allahabad Address, before address Iqbal also delivered landmark lectures on Islam in and in AligarhHyderabad and Madras.

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As to the second evil, I think it is possible to discover a remedy.

Allahabad Address

India is a continent of human groups belonging to the different races, speaking different languages, and professing different religions. The address covers the philosophical, the historical, and the futuristic prospects of allahahad Muslims of the Subcontinent; in fact, it makes history by submitting the true, eye-witness sentiments that ran between the Muslims, the Hindus and the British at those sensitive times.

True statesmanship cannot ignore facts, however unpleasant they may be. In this address Iqbal outlined a vision of an independent state for Muslim-majority provinces in northwestern India, thus becoming the first politician to articulate what would become known as the Two-nation theory —that Muslims are a distinct nation and thus deserve political independence from other regions and communities of India.

Iqbal made it clear that the Secular ideal was an inevitable conclusion of Christianity in Europe, as the Church functioned purely on an other-worldly basis; aaddress Church had remained separate from the affairs of governance, and the other-worldly, divine intrusion of the Church into the affairs of the people could not go on forever.

The society is in turmoil; in conflict. The despatch recognises that it may be a legitimate grievance to deprive the Muslims in the Punjab and Bengal of representation in the councils in proportion to their population merely because of weightage allowed to Muslim minorities elsewhere. There was a two-pronged attack on the Muslim interests. Even then years must elapse before the process could be completed. At critical moments in their history it is Islam that has saved Muslims and not vice versa.

There were two pitfalls into which Muslim political leaders fell.

Analyzing the , Allahabad Address, Allama Iqbal –

Most of the Muslim states became the colonies of the European states. I have got definite views on the subject; but I think it is proper to postpone their expression till the apprehended situation actually arises. To Islam, matter is spirit realising itself in space and time. Retrieved 1 November We have a duty towards Allwhabad where we are destined to live and die.

The Two-Nation Theory was not accepted by the Muslims, Hindus and the British peoples because they believed in “territorial nationalism”. His address highlights the following views that would prove highly beneficial in future. In this address, Allama Iqbal gave the lucid explanation of the inner feeling of the Muslims of India. It cannot be denied that Islam, regarded as an ethical ideal plus a certain kind of polity — by which expression I mean a social structure regulated by a legal system and animated by a specific ethical ideal — has been the chief formative factor in the life-history of the Muslims of India.


The Punjab with 56 percent Muslim population supplies 54 percent of the total combatant troops in the Indian Army, and if the 19, Gurkhas recruited from the independent State of Nepal are excluded, the Punjab contingent amounts to 62 percent of the whole Indian Army. Great interests are at stake.

Allahabad Address ()

Its immediate outcome is the fundamentals of a polity with implicit legal concepts whose civic significance cannot be belittled merely because their origin is revelational. The question of Muslim representation in the proposed all-India federation has not yet been discussed.

It would make the Muslims either stick to the Lucknow Pact or agree to a scheme of joint electorates.

I am not hopeless of an intercommunal understanding, but I cannot conceal from you the feeling that in the near future our community may be called upon to adopt an independent line of action to cope with the present crisis. The Nehru Report, realising [a] Hindu majority in the Central Assembly, reaches a unitary form of government because such an institution secures Hindu dominance throughout India; the Simon Report retains the present British dominance behind the thin veneer of an unreal federation, partly because the British are naturally unwilling to part with the power they have so long wielded and partly because it is possible for them, in the absence of an inter-communal understanding in India, to make out a plausible case for the retention of that power in their own hands.

Moreover, the principle is so broadly conceived that it is almost impossible for a group to become rebellious to the extent of wholly detaching itself from the general body of Islam. It has furnished those basic emotions and loyalties which gradually unify scattered individuals and groups, and finally transform them into a well-defined people, possessing a moral consciousness of their own.

They were ignored in every field of life, especially in education and government. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a poet, philosopher and thinker who had gained country-wide fame and recognition by I know that India is not in possession of efficient military officers, and this fact is exploited by the Royal Commissioners in the interest of an argument for Imperial administration.

Why have they failed?