Andersonville has ratings and reviews. Larry said: This is a book that I read as a young teenager. It changed my life. I was living a fairly mi. The greatest of our Civil War novels” (New York Times) reissued for a new generation As the United States prepares to commemorate the Civil. Man’s inhumanity to Man — and the redeeming flashes of mercy — this is the theme at the heart of this grim record in fictional form of one of the blots on the.

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Now, by coincidence, they were staying at the same hotel. I could not find a central plot or a main character whose values I might engage with or follow.

Init was revealed that he had allowed his name to be used on a screenplay written by Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood Ten, who had been blacklisted as a result of his refusal to testify before the House Un-American Committee HUAC hearings. The sheer awfulness of a acre pen holding 50, prisoners, the horror of so many men in one place, the starvation due to lack of provisions, the thousands of deaths from easily curable diseases and infections, the filth resulting from a lack of proper sewage, the degradation of the men locked inside He then spent 18 months completing it — a massive novel of more thanwords.

Kantor’s novel was not the basis for a John Frankenheimer film Andersonville.

Typically I will finish a book no matter what, but when there is no real continuing plot and I hated it as much as I did, I didn’t really see a purpose. Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. I found a revealing note on this subject from Targ to Carlos Baker, a renowned literary critic and Princeton professor who later wrote the best-known biography of Ernest Hemingway. This book is filled with horror and humanity. I could imagine the almost drug-like rush upon hearing the news; the ratification for all the world to see that your best efforts were, in fact, good enough.


This is a searing book — a reading experience no one will forget. As someone who aspired to be a writer — a desire I had always attributed to a seventh-grade poetry assignment or a charismatic college professor — I had often considered what it would be like to win recognition on such a grand scale.

The man who wrote ‘Andersonville’

Lists with This Book. The second portion of the book deals with the actual historic situations within the camp. And the inhumanity wasn’t exhibited by only Confederates; fellow prisoners turned on the weak and deprived them of the few resources they possessed.

Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor. The reader agonizes through every phase of it: Andersonvjlle Pulitzer Prize-winning story of the Andersonville Fortress and its use as wndersonville concentration camp-like prison by the South during the Civil War.

ANDERSONVILLE by MacKinlay Kantor | Kirkus Reviews

One can often make the case that judging an author by today’s mores is to retroactively judge them unfairly. But no matter, not really.

It’s a anderdonville book, not one I could devour, although I tried!

This part is fictitious- but as one reads one realizes that so it must have been. Chapter after chapter–he switches POV from one character to another; shifts from one setting to another; one conversation to another; one voice to another; one flow of thought to another–sometimes all in the space of one page. Nadersonville Critical Backward Look. Ira Claffey is a slave owner; yet, paradoxically, he andersobville sees himself as a good man.

Because the fundamental tenet of those books was universal truth deployed in beautiful language. Want to Read saving…. Kantor goes into great detail with each and every character, fleshing them out with anecdotes from their previous lives before they were soldiers, before they were prisoners, before they were jailers. It’s enormous and staggering. It is a very hard book to read, both for its heartbreakingly depressing story of the inhumane conditions, its length well over pagesthe use of vernacular and the peculiar avoidance of quotes.


Narrator Gardner does a wonderful job sustaining the intensity of the story, individualizing characters–since it’s all about the characters inside the barricades prisoner, jailers, and camp officials and the residents outside, many of them cultured southerners who were appalled by conditions.

Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor | : Books

Perhaps the greatest epic yet written about our land. I was particularly touched by the stories of Meriwhether, an orphan boy, and Nathan Dreyfoos, a well-traveled, well-educated man who makes his time at Andersonville tolerable by remembering the past. There are many passages of stark, somber, pastoral beauty. The plantation owner, Ira Claffey, opens and closes the novel, but he does not control the action.

Benjamin McKinlay Kantorwas an American journalist, novelist and screenwriter.

Andrrsonville is a book which requires commitment and time to read. See 2 questions about Andersonville…. Hard work, yes, but in the end, well worth it. After touring the site of the prison, I wanted to learn more so I picked this book from among the many in the bookstore. In both histories and historical novels, preferences run to a central figure whose actions or inactions thread dominantly through the work.