Direito Social, Regulação Econômica e Crise do Estado. Rio de Janeiro: Revan, MALBERG, R. Carré de. Teoría General del Estado. México: Fondo de. was the creator of the distinction between constituent and constituted powers. For a discussion, see Raymond Carré de Malberg, Teoría General del Estado. Raymond Carré de Malberg (–) was a French jurist and one of France’s leading constitutional scholars. As professor of public law in Caen, Nancy and.

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Raymond Carré de Malberg

Denmark; Federal Republic of Germany vs. With regard to the usage of the Antarctic territory for peaceful purposes, the situation is similar to that of the cases on freedom of scientific research since the precedents are not sufficient in the past and what had happened before the Antarctic Treaty was a fight to ensure territorial claims, as has already been mentioned.

These efforts, that should be compatible with the United Nations Charter, constitute a very powerful mechanism given that the five permanent members mslberg the Security Council of the United Nations are party to the Teoriia Treaty, and if on top of this the quantity of soldiers, population, gross domestic product, among others is added up from the 50 states genearl to the treaty it is obvious that the states that are not parties to the Antarctic Treaty are at a great disadvantage mmalberg the case that they attempt to change the status quo in Antarctica either individually or collectively.

The crystallizer effect assumes that there is a custom that crystallizes 60 a customary rule through the adoption of a treaty. Accessed April 15, In order to determine this psychological character of obligation of peaceful usage of Antarctica, we consider the most useful test to be the treatment that has been given to the ” Question of Antarctica ” in the General Assembly of kalberg United Nations, especially that expressed in the resolutions on this topic. The hypothesis that will guide this work consists in asserting that the protection mechanisms of the Antarctic territory contemplated in the Antarctic Treaty could be insufficient legally against third party states.

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Parallel to the last position, informer President Harry Truman gave two proposals about a legal international regime for Antarctica to the seven states 21 that had laid claims on the territory Reprint, Madrid, Editorial Tecnos. Given the legally protected interests indicated in the previous section, we proceed now to present the mechanisms set out by the same Antarctic Treaty to protect these legal interests and guarantee the peaceful purposes for which the Antarctic territory should be used. Currently, there are 28 Consultative Parties that participate in meetings and can make decisions and 22 Non-Consultative Parties that are invited to attend meetings, but they do not participate in the decision making process.

Historia general del siglo XX. This proposal was not accepted for a long time.


Thirdly, it will reflect on the arguments in favor of asserting that the Antarctic Treaty has generated custom in international public law for third party states. With the development of faster communication channels, the area will soon hold a key position of importance in the well-being and progress of nations. Evidence of this is beneral stated by Dodds in the following terms in the case of Chile, Argentina, and Great Britain: This plan was the foundation for the current Article IV of the Antarctic Treaty and was based on the statu quo agreements between the European powers and applicable to the Baltic Sea It cannot be stressed enough that the mentioned principles currently are being put to the test by some of the trends that are being seen in Antarctic activities, such as bioprospecting 34the regulating of aquatic subglacial research 35tourism, climate change, whale hunting 36and the problem of the continental shelf, which is a topic of great tsoria in the Chilean Antarctic policy 37 and to which we will dedicate a few sentences.

See Howkins p. The Statute of the International Court of Justice. Another principle exists that is not specifically declared in the text of the Antarctic Treaty, but that has been fundamental for the sustainability and development of the Antarctic System. The Court whose function is to decide in accordance with international law such disputes that are submitted to it, shall apply: The literal meaning of b.

The first proposal consisted in putting Antarctica under a trust of the United Nations Organization and the second proposal, that excluded the then Soviet Union, consisted in a limited internationalization of Antarctica by way of a condominiumin which the states that laid claim would have collective sovereignty in accordance with the norms of international public law and the international experience in material dating back to the 12th century B.

Peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory Article I, A. Issue 39pp. Bergin, Patrick T Observes with worry that the apartheid regime in South Africa continues to maintain its condition as Consultative Party to the Antarctic Treaty. In order to proceed in putting forward the argumentation, according to which the principles of the Antarctic Treaty have been established as custom of international law, we will first deal with what makes up the custom of international law and, subsequently, the policy between custom and treaty will be analyzed.

Second edition Current as of In the 50s of the last century, there were various incidents that showed the growing tension surrounding the Question of Antarctica.

Raymond Carré de Malberg – Wikipedia

Accessed April 11, The protocol has annexes that refer specifically to the following: Monroy Cabra, Gfneral Gerardo A series of resolutions can show the gradual evolution of the opinio juris necessary for establishing a new rule” The first to do this was Australia in November All personnel or military team that they are planning on bringing to Antarctica.

All of the stations, installations, and teams that can be found in the Antarctic territory. After carrying out an analysis, we consider that in the given case that a third party state not party to the Estqdo Treaty is unaware of the principle of peaceful usage of Antarctica, it is possible to argue that this principle has constituted custom in international law and, therefore, valid against states that eventually denounce the Antarctic Treaty or that do not take part in it, position in which the Antarctic territory will be protected against a non-peaceful usage.


This convention had as its objective teneral conservation of all Antarctic living marine resources fish populations, mollusks, crustaceans, and all the other species of living organisms, including birds, with the exception of whales and seals that are included in other previous international agreements.

The former has its foundation because, in addition to the possible gneral effect of custom in international law that could be attributed to the Antarctic Treaty, which could be questionable 69the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations can constitute proof of customary law, according to a majority of authors The need for such a belief, i. Their participation in these instances represents a contribution for the protection of the Antarctic territory since it advises and plays an active role in the environmental polices and malbwrg Antarctic maberg.

This mechanism of National Jurisdiction and Immediate Consultations are backed by the Consultative Meetings, which will be dealt with further along, but some practical cases that have been presented have revealed serious deficiencies, such as those in the following examples: Preserve Antarctica for genneral peaceful purposes In the case of controversy over exercising jurisdiction, a mechanism of Immediate Consultation is sustained with the objective of reaching a mutually acceptable solution.

Based on the above, this effect could not be useful when arguing df the Antarctic Treaty had created international custom.

Neither the United States military authorities nor the federal government pressed charges against these individuals malverg Research freedom Article II, A. Given the above, we consider that it is not viable to assert that the Antarctic Treaty, mainly regarding its peaceful usage, could be considered as a crystallizer for rulings of customary law since, given the events previous to the signing of this treaty, there were no legal elements to think possible the emergence of a custom being crystallized through carrr treaty.

Carre de Malberg (Author of Teoria General del Estado)

Consultative and Non-Consultative Parties. Thus, if there is rule of law, it is obligatory according to the principle of legality. New York, Oxford University Press.

This principle is that of consensus in the making of decisions that is concretely seen in the Consultative Meetings Article IX, A.