Constitución del Socorro. Fecha:1/03/ Nombre:República de la Nueva Granada. Presidentes:Francisco de P. Santander. Estados The constitutional history of Colombia is the process of formation and evolution of the different . It met in Santa Fe de Bogotá in March and, with many difficulties due to disagreements between with national scope: The Constitution of the state of Cundinamarca on April 4, .. Constitución de Colombia de Constitucion de Cundinamarca, su capital Santafe de Bogota. [Santafé de Bogota]: D. Nicolas Calvo, y Quixano Small 4to. 47, [1] pp..

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Administrative divisions Departments Municipalities. At the meeting of October 4,the United Provinces elected Camilo Torres Tenorio as president a position he held until October 5, and declared the union to be federalist as opposed to centralist. The first imprint is the exceedingly rare first edition of the first session laws of the first legislature, which was subsequently reprinted the next year.

The country kept the name “Republic of Colombia”. In very good condition overall. It also details economic and social rights specific to the social rule of law enshrined in Article 1 of the Constitution, and collective rights, some of which include public morality, free economic competition and the right to a healthy environment. Otherwise clean, tight and unmarked, internally fine. The right of suffrage was extended to all men 21 or older, eliminating the literacy requirement.


The Ladies’ Diary; or, Woman’s Almanack. Shapero Rare Books ]. Bel exemplaire de ce texte rare. At the beginning of he summoned a National Constituent Assembly chosen by the departmental administrators.

Constitutional history of Colombia

Steele of Chicago, dated July 16th,discussing the acquisition and certifying the authenticity of the present leaf. Hordern House Rare Books ]. The Venezuelan military, in particular, wanted to exert more power in their region.

The Constitution of the state of Cundinamarca on April 4, Parigi, – Incisione in rame, stampata a colori e ritoccata d’epoca a mano. Alphabetisch-kritisches Verzeichnis des noch im Manuscript vorhandenen Leibnizschen Briefwechsels; Fr.

File:Constitución de Cundinamarca de 1812 (Reforma).jpg

The indigenous nations that inhabited the present territory of Colombia did not have written records; therefore there is no evidence of constitutions prior to constitucon arrival of the Spaniards. For reasons that are unknown, the Cabildo did not accept this document. It is also evident that a level of maturity had been reached in the electoral process, which had earned the confidence of the population and of opposition parties. Autograph sketchleaf to op. Antiquariat Norbert Haas ].

This contest is being judged by an eminent circle including as noted in the key: Das verdienstvolle Buch wurde sehr bald zu einem Standardwerk.


It commissioned Camilo Torres Tenorio to draft the document known in Colombian history by the name ” Memorandum of Offenses “. This included valuable experiments upon the respective merits of the various breeds of sheep. Antiquariat Lenzen GbR ]. Retrieved from ” https: Wien, Auf Kosten des Herausgebers In addition it creates the necessary mechanisms to ensure and protect those rights.

historia constitucional by estefania castaño on Prezi

Printed on two sheets precisely glued together to form a seamless whole, in double-column format and with the woodcut seal of the Inquisition in the lower right corner of the lower edge.

Demi basane brune, in-8, pp.

Although 111 National Front ended inthe constitutional reforms preparing the transition began in during the government of Carlos Lleras Restrepothe next to last president of the National Front. During and the traditional parties, Liberal and Conservative, finally coined their names.