WELCOME TO CUB SCOUTING: EARNING THE BEAR RANK Paws for Action; Complete one Bear elective adventure of your den or family’s choosing. Cub Scouts® Bear Elective Adventure Loops An Adventure Loop is awarded to Bear Scouts who complete the requirements for a theme-based experience. Oct 14, Explore Holly Bahr’s board “Cub Scout– Bear Electives” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Crafts for kids, Games and Kid crafts.

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Tell how the buddy system works and why it is important. From a standing start, skate forward feet; and come to a complete stop within 20 feet. Salmon Run Complete requirements and two others.

Ways to Fulfill the Bear Electives

Learn four or five words that are used when talking about marbles. Super Science Complete at least four of the following and explain what you learned. Show how to do both a reach rescue and a throw rescue.

What education, training, and experience are required? Invite electivves to go through your course. Create your own Bear cookbook using ecout least five recipes you might cook or prepare either on your own or with some adult help. A World of Sound Complete all of the following Make an mbira. Invite everyone to go through your course.


This is the base of the balloon and the bag will fill with hot air and provide lift. Be able to tell the rules, who won, and what the score was. Visit a local pool or swimming area with your den or family. This will fulfill Nature Craft: Open a can with a can opener tool on a pocket knife; 4.

Make an arrow holder. Without elrctives the story, have a friend insert his or her own nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the story you created. Show a turn from forward to backward.

In ice skating, know the safety rules. Find more Scouting Resources at www. Create a ceremonial dance.

Create your own Bear cookbook using at least five recipes you might cook or prepare either on your own or with some adult help. Describe what you learned during your visit.

With the help of an adult, select a recipe to prepare in a kitchen for your den or your family. In which time sdout do you live? Name one animal that has become extinct in the last years and one animal that is currently endangered.


Create your own game using marbles, and design rules for playing the game. With your den, develop a thank-you cug to recognize those who helped organize the Cub Scout carnival. Identify a person whose faith you admire, and discuss this person with your family.

Explain what caused their declines.

Ideas for Bear Scout Electives

Play the game with your family, friends, or your den. Plant a vegetable or herb garden. Find the name of the American Indian nation that lives or has lived where you live now. Get your scouts aware of sclut weather – it will be valuable when they start camping.