: El maestro de go/ The master of go (Lingua Franca) (Spanish Edition) () by Yasunari Kawabata and a great selection of similar . El maestro de Go. Front Cover. Yasunari Kawabata. Emecé, Author Yasunari Kawabata was born in Osaka, Japan on June 14, He experienced. El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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El Maestro de Go

But he doesn’t show this by raising his voice or even changing his expression. The unadulterated sleep of a child is far fetched blessing in the cursed insomniac world ridden by chaotic configurations.

Wil het spel graag terug opnemen en tegenwoordig zijn er heel wat online platformen. An era when a game was more than atheistically calculated odd moves on a by matrix board.

You just learn that the Master was arbitrary and Otake was Perhaps for the very reason it is uncommon, this portrayal of the uncompromisingly dedicated life is very important.

The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata

This reinforces my belief that translators must not only be adept in both languages, but must be good writers themselves for them to properly translate someone else’s writing. My opinion has also been colored by the knowledge that Shusai himself had been a highly divisive figure throughout his life, a discovery that tempers the idea of him as a figure of bodhisattvan temperance, enduring one last painful game to glorify posterity.

Kitani, who was a friend of Go Seigen, naturally wanted to stop the Master from using the method that had worked so well for him in the previous match.

He presents all the moves in the game, and comments the play. Therefore, I read this book as a Go-illiterate outsider curious of such “a faithful chronicle-novel” p.

It’s almost impossible to explain why this is a source of indignation if you don’t know anything about go, and even if you do, it’s still a little opaque to an amateur Westerner like me.

I had to get away from Yourcenar and a glance at the shelves made me think nothing could be further from Hadrian than a book about Go. It has been explored and maestto by the Japanese societal mores for more than 12oo years to be an important artistic heritage of the Japanese cultural territory.

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Refresh and try again. White for the Master. I can think of no better example of this than The Master of Goby Kawabata. The progress of the game is depicted by several figures spread over the novel, but the book is so much more than the game – a careful and nuanced depiction of character of the two key players, depiction their private lifes and their families, the procedure of mild and careful intervention by officials to nudge the game along without unruffling the egos of either of the players, and so much more.

Aug 18, Marina Vesta rated it it was ok Shelves: Jaestro strategic moves alternating the white and black stones delineated the struggle of aristocracy vs.

It doesn’t quite lack the quiet devastation of the works mentioned above, it takes a different maestdo, framing the story through the nuances of the game itself, while chronicling the slow, inevitable death of a master. I wish, as I wished when I read Hikaru no Gothat I was good enough to look at a single move and appreciate its sublime brilliance, or how it casts a shadow over the board, or why go professionals can study and discuss one move and its many long-reaching implications and how it indicates that the player is aggressive, weak, uncertain, reckless, subtle, devious, or resolved, etc.

A Go match must start at the appointed time even when the player’s parents are on their deathbed or the player himself fell ill right over the chessboard.

Does the mystery and the nobility of a game is diminished if played away from the land of its origin? Dec 26, Philipp rated it liked it Shelves: You have to read this book to understand what it’s really like.

As a teenager, I was very fascinated with the author Yukio Mishimawho wrote existentialist and dramatic set pieces that had made him one of the foremost Japanese modernists. How Kawabata combines a journalistic narrative voice with such a rich literary tradition baffles me more than the intricate game of Go and it’s complex representation of the structural game in society the novel is supposed to explore, and what a beautiful structure Kawabata takes us through, peeling such thin layers of meaning with each inflection and each crafty Go move between the classic master and the iconoclast challenger.

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Oct 22, Kristel rated it really liked it Shelves: All I was thinking was how many more pages must I struggle through until I finished the book. The book does include diagrams of the game as it progresses, though — go students still study this game as one of the classics. Were the long recesses and the venue changes between the games, a defense from the fury of the Black stones?

Conversation between moves may occur, or not. One sign of a master writer is the ability to match subject and style. I know that both go mastery and Japanese fluency would make it infinitely more accessible, though. The author, Yasunari Kawabata, who penned this novel years after he wrote serialized journal A Go match must start at the appointed time even when the player’s parents are on their deathbed or the player himself fell ill right over the chessboard.

Just a shot in the dark. If you’d like to read the JT article, please visit this web page: His competitor Otake has as much of his reputation on the line, if kawahata more.

Lingua Franca: El Maestro de Go by Yasunari Kawabata (2004, Paperback)

The examination of past and future, which supposedly was at the centre of this book, never really got off the ground. It’s a very literary novel and if you don’t like Japanese literature, you probably won’t like this book. A little bit of knowledge of the game may be required reading but the rules are relatively simple and fast to pick up.