MIG/MAG Power source. TransSynergic Power Supply pdf manual download. Also for: Transsynergic , Transpuls synergic , Transpuls synergic. w . wwb. Fronius. U odyanina virusi wala 42,, . your TransSynergic / (TS /) and TransPuls Synergic . The instruction manual must be kept at the welding-machine location at all times. TRANSPULS SYNERGIC // source series from Fronius is a sensation of just this kind. sources for both manual welding and automated and .

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Changing Transformer tps Changing transformer TPS Removing trans- Remove side panel former Loosen terminal screws 2 and remove primary transformer leads 3 Cut trandpuls cable tie 4 Remove copper clips 5 and 6 Fig.

Fronius TransPuls Synergic Manuals

On the NF PC board, the mains voltage is on! Displaying Welding Circuit Inductivity L Setting The Contact Pressure Securing device F1 in Switch off unit; the cooling unit OK?

Terms And Abbreviations T – 2nd Cmt Remote Control Panel If necessary, cut open any other cable ties near the toroidal tape Corrections During Welding Manual Metal Arc Welding Removing shunt Loosen hexagon bolt 5 on minus continued socket using size 19 spanner Unplug 8-pin Molex plug 6 Loosen two screws 7 on shunt 8 Remove shunt 8 and feed out throttle lead 9 Fig. Cmt Advanced Block diagram 6 Transistors: Please make a note of the displays in levels 1, 2, and 3, and pass them on to Fronius. Table Of Contents Table of contents Foreword and safety instructions Check earth current watchdog and change if necessary.


Replacing The Strain-relief Device Tps Power Source Cmt Advanced Power Source Visual inspections General The following must be visually inspected without any further dismantling of the system. On NT 24 switched mode power supply, the primary voltage is on!


Fit copper clips 11 and 10 as shown in Fig. Got it, continue to print.

Page 34 Table of service Err Fitting intermedi- Fit cover sheet 4 using two screws ate circuit capa- citors continued Fig. Cmt Advanced Mv Comfort Control Panel Explanation Of Symbols transpusl Ground earth fault continued Remedy: Page 6 Primary rectifier Function Overview Function overview Principle of the The machines are totally digitized, microprocessor-controlled inverter power sources.

Every 6 Months Displaying The Feeder Inching Speed Before Installation And Commissioning However, we recommend that the following function tests are carried out on a regular basis to ensure that the welding transupls is safe and working properly at all times. Check pump pressure and flow rate.


Information On System Components Tps Cmt Power Source Fitting Transformer Removing trans- Loosen 4 screws 7 for secondary 11 former transformer leads on copper sheet continued Loosen hexagon nut 8 using a size 13 spanner Remove protective element 9 and throttle lead 10 Loosen 4 screws 11 on the transfor- mer holder 12 10 Remove transformer holder 12 Page Fitting transfor- NOTE! When putting the drive continued unit 2 in place, do not pinch, bend or strain the cables.

E – 4,5m If the error message re-appears: Spatter-free Ignition Option Adjusting The Brake These resistors have high resistance at low continued temperatures.

An electric shock can be fatal. Inserting The Basket-type Spool Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Fitting earth Insert lead 4 into earth current current watchdog watchdog luster terminal continued Tighten screw 3 on luster terminal Fig.