HD 3D HD MEDIA PLAYER Precaution before use Placing/01 Power/01 Cleaning/01 Moisture-proof/02 About the manual/02 Service/02 Notes Products. On this page you find the kdLinks HD manual. Please read the instructions in this operator manual carefully before using the you have any. Free: KDLINKS HD Extreme FULL HD 3D Digital Media Player with Gigabit Network, Built-In Wifi, Youtube – Other Electronics. User Manual About kdLinks.

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Hulu, Pandora, but most content providers require an account and charge a subscription fee for content.

In this way, you could look through folder structures and find your media file manually. Preny2 years ago. My default seems to be themoviedg. Kdlikns is online now.

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Oct 5th, at 9: Cleaning Please unplug the power cord before cleaning the player. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Digital audio coaxial out. Originally Posted by wjlussier. Originally Posted by WynsWrld FAT32 is unacceptable because it does not support files over 4GB. Sep 26th, at 7: Manyal well-ventilated to prevent fire or electronic shock caused by overheat of the player.

Oct 2nd, at 3: I also assume that these only work on 2. Please do not put heavy objects or other liquid containers on the player. Does the Wifi see both 5GHz and 2.


Digital audio optical out. With chipset, it also supports 3D movie playback on 3D TV. Has anyone had any luck hooking up a controller to the A?

I have been looking for 2 years for a device that manuaal up to it’s claims of format compatibility, but every one I’ve used has come up short. Free Shipping All orders of Good box, has played everything I threw at it.

All the movies, no exception. Can anyone help me? Not really a big deal as I use the multimedia launcher to watch most videos. Surround Sound Night Mode Please restart media player if you changed the setting to 5. Neither – your good with either one. Wifi is free only thing that is not free is mnaual. Cuz it plays everything I own!

All the files are listed according to the folder structure. Hey all I recently picked up an A and I am having some issues. The AC adaptor or the power cord is damaged C.

Sep 27th, at Do not put vases or other water containers on the player. Power Do not use over-voltage, otherwise the player would be damaged and might cause fire. I also downloaded an App called “Auto Start” that let’s me set XBMC to automatically start on boot up although there is about a 10 second delay where the home screen is shown, must need time to mount the drives or something. Ten-bit color depth has one billion colors.

I’ve tried a 2tb WD Black sata 3 and a 1tb WD Blue sata 3 drive still can’t get the a to find or use files off the hdd. Twelve-bit is where most people can’t detect a difference hr700 more. Oct 4th, at 2: Last edited by wjlussier; at You can turn off Auto Scan in the Setup menu. Originally Posted by Fishman1.


KDLINKS HD700 Extreme Network Digital Signage FULL HD 3D Digital Media Player – Realtek 1186

Credit to our great customer Mr. With chipset, it also supports 3D movie playback on 3D TV. I also tried all kdlnks USB ports in the media player. Need to figure out how to push content from my ipad or iphone to the screen next Go here to learn more about WiFi copy and paste http: I’ve played about 34 different files from showsmoviesrips mnaual, torrent grabbed movies all with no problems So I’m guessing I have a unit with a bad hard drive bay.

Favorites Setup If hd70 subscribe to some RSS video data, you can add it here and easily get access to it later. I use a Netgear Dual N-type wireless that’s 20 feet away and it works great on everything I own except this.

Sep 29th, at 5: