Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS photo Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, . Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, such as. The Olympus LEXT OLS laser scanning confocal microscope, noncontact, nondestructive 3D observations and measurements are easy to produce. Simply .

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This new system allows significantly speedy observation and measurement of fine surface patterns on semiconductors, advanced materials and electronic devices.

Ideal 3D imaging achievable with a single click 2.

Olympus LEXT OLS3100 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Industrial-leading resolution and repeatability for extremely reliable measurement data. Loading the player… source OLS The OLS laser confocal microscope precisely measures shape and surface roughness at the submicron level. The future of industrial quality control. In addition DIC can also be combined with the confocal image to provide identification of minute level differences on the surface of a specimen.

The measurement performance of all dedicated LEXT objectives is guaranteed, so you los3100 select the one best suited to the sample you’re observing. Speed Get answers quickly: The result is world-leading spatial resolution that clearly resolves patterns of nm line-width.


With this system, Olympus has succeeded in developing a laser scanning microscope that is simple enough for anyone to use yet capable of producing ideal results every time. Band scan 1-line data acquisition. Measuring the Profile of a Bonding Wire Ball.

Olympus Lext OLS3100 Manuals

The results obtained when the same specimen is measured over a short period of time by the same person using the same equipment. Evaluating Sample Preparation of Stone Tools: The resolving power is enhanced by confocal optics featuring an optimized circular pinhole and a high speed XY scanner developed from Olympus MEMS technology. Evaluating the shape of a plastic bottle vent hole of drinking spout.

Measurement of ol3100 inner wall waviness and roughness of a turbocharger housing using a laser microscope. This algorithm lezt highly accurate data from low to high magnifications and reduces the data acquisition time.

FAQs Learn about microscope. Olympus software provides a simple user interface, fast processing and advanced analysis in a single solution. The confocal laser DIC mode is especially useful for highlighting subtle textural variations during surface analysis.

Best suited for measurement of 1.


Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope: Olympus LEXT OLS

Excellent lateral resolution The nm violet laser and o,s3100 high-NA objectives make it possible to capture fine patterns and defects that conventional optical microscopes, white-light interferometers, or red laser-based microscopes are unable to detect. Fast Get reliable data four times faster than our previous model. Surface roughness of single-portion containers of coffee cream.

Please choose your areas of interest.

Surface roughness measurement of the cam lobe of a camshaft. This site uses cookies to enhance performance, olss3100 traffic, and for ads measurement purposes. Details of Main Features. If you already have your personal ID enter it here: They can also be rotated to any angle using a mouse. Box Center Valley, PA.

Analysis of line and surface roughness is possible. The microscope’s scanning algorithm delivers improved data quality and greater speed to reduce the scan time and streamline your workflow, resulting in better productivity.

In both cases, all you have to do is place the sample on the stage.