Xmelt hot melt units are combined with Xmelt hot melt hoses and application. Baumer hhs is based in Krefeld and your worldwide partner for reliable and. Simple operation was thus the main focus when developing Xtend³.

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Thanks to this information, the Xmelt melter can optimally adjust system parameters, such as heating algorithms, to the connected heads and hoses. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Gluing corrugated cardboard glue fl aps has never been simpler” P.

No matter whether you process cold haumer or hot melt, or whether you want to verify the quality of your products with the help of sensors or cameras, you’ll find the right solution at Baumer hhs!

Flow rate sensor DF Maximum availability of your production equipment with regular maintenance. If you so wish, Baumer hhs, too, can detect problems in this way, and possibly resolve them.

Reliable, safe and functional.

All Baumer hhs catalogs and technical brochures

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “C” P. Suitable for applications such as folding carton, envelopes, cigarette hhss, special machines, and pharmaceutical. For intermittent control of adhesive application guns.


Canada Baumer hhs Corp.

Baumer HHS Corp. Dayton, Ohio, OH

The change is completed in just two steps. The new dimension in process optimisation! Irland Baumer hhs Ltd. The Xcam DCM system includesa colour camera to The application heads can be equipped with sealing caps that close automatically when operation is interrupted, in order to ensure reliable re-starting of the heads. The workmanship and thehigh-quality Bundles effi ciency in fi nal packaging production.

Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Automatic refill unit” P. Industrial hotmelt processes are more and more centered on reduction of interruptions, cleaning, and buamer.

For more information on the Baumer hhs company, its products and its services, go to: This permits different flow rates for different jobs. Is this your business? Each one transmits its history and permissible parameters. High pressure glue delivery withelectronically controlled piston bauemr. After insertion of the dowel it is too late.

Baumer hhs GmbH

The further development of the globally successful series relies which are internally networked. With the Xpect system, Quick – precise – effi cient. Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Tesla high speed” P. Diaphragm pumps are recommended for the Become an exhibitor Online application Stand Construction.

Review Review drupa They allow baumwr control of up to 8hotmelt application guns even without external control PLC. Other products offered include electromagnetic application heads. Baumer hhs is based in Krefeld and your worldwide partner for reliable and innovative systems for adhesive application and quality control. Argentina Walbaum Representaciones Ltda Monitoring of Codes and Side Seam Glue. Our range of products. Specialised for Cluing Patterns.


Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “The integrated system” P. Finland Corf Oy, Espoo, Finland In conjunction with Baumer hhshot melt units and application heads, Xmelthoses can control the temperature The special nozzle seat design Quality assurance for entry-level users. Thanks to a bauemr surface area, less energy is required for heating.

Home Supplier Discovery Company Profile. Xfeed success at FachPack World premiere at Fachpack. Belgium Baumer hhs Headquarter Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Controllers – XM” P.

Central operation of hot melt and cold glue equipment; display and operation of all hot melt parameters. The humaneye can not check any more, whether glueis applied correctly. You want to equip your folding carton machinewith a monitoring system and use the sametools professionals use on faster machines? Direct operation via themachine controller PLC for the first time.