BlazeDS 3 Installation Guide. Contents. BlazeDS runs in a J2EE web application and is available in ZIP files for the following configurations: BlazeDS with. 07/06 – Published the new version of guide. This book contains developer friendly information about the BlazeDS the OpenSource DataService package. BlazeDS Plugin – Reference Documentation The BlazeDS plugin makes it easier to build Grails-powered Rich Internet Applications . Manual configuration .

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The method can return a value of a primitive data type, an object, a collection of objects, an object graph, and more. If you expand the zip file anywhere else make sure you adjust the path provided in these instructions accordingly. The reason for this special need arises because of the way BlazeDS serializes data across the wire. You can skip this step if Eclipse and the Flex Builder 3 plug-in are already installed on your system. Building a messaging application.

Select Web Application as the application type. Clustered instances of BlazeDS share data and messages across instances. This logical name is mapped to the Java class name as part of the destination configuration in remoting-config.

Ensure Use default location is selected. BlazeDS can logically support both messaging domains. Add event handlers to improve the application RemoteObject calls are asynchronous. Near real-time message passing between a Flex application and a Java server. A default configuration file, called services-config.

Getting started with BlazeDS | Adobe Developer Connection

Flex clients use channels to connect to these endpoints. The JavaAdapter included in the configuration example, is a built-in adapter for plain Java objects, which are also sometimes referred to as POJOs. Resource Pooling Many of these external systems and libraries, such as messaging infrastructure, database connections and stateless business services, lend themselves to pooling. The open source dsadapters project http: Number; public var qty: This means you must have a way that all requests coming from the Flex client and intended to be handled by the BlazeDS instance are routed by the DispatcherServlet to the MessageBroker.

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Set of services that can be managed using JMX agents. This section describes how to build a simple inventory management application that demonstrates the BlazeDS Remoting Service.

Getting Started with BlazeDS

This Servlet, called MessageBrokerServlet, uses artifacts like channels, endpoints, and adapters to enable proxy, remoting, and messaging services. The channel issues polls to the server to fetch data but if no data is available it waits until data arrives for the client or the configured server wait interval elapses.

Many of these external systems and libraries, such as messaging infrastructure, database connections and stateless business services, lend themselves to pooling. For accessing managed entities like Spring Beans or Enterprise Java Beans EJBsyou can use the JavaAdapter as the translator but you also need a custom factory to help you access these objects, as managed objects reside in a namespace separate from the one that BlazeDS uses blzzeds instantiate its own objects.

Management of the bpazeds channels between Flex and Java. With the definition of BlazeDS firmly in place, it’s worthwhile to explore Flex client and Java server integration in the larger context of combining the two platforms.

Run the application Click the Run icon in the Eclipse toolbar to start the application Open the same URL in another browser window to start a second instance of the chat application Type a message in guid of the chat clients and click “Send”: Bkazeds is needed for the streamed response from the server to the client that the channel hangs on to. Retrieve the list of products In the newly created tutorial-product project, open the tutorial-product. A key element of a destination is the channel used to exchange data between the client and the server.


In your real-life development or production environment, you would typically integrate BlazeDS in your own web application on your own application server. A common design pattern used to solve this problem is what I like to call the “Clone and Merge Vlazeds Pattern. BlazeDS is a Java Servlet based web application, so it integrates and works with the Spring framework facility that addresses the web layer.

It has first-class support for publish-subscribe messaging domain. Non-blocking channels allow for greater number of connections to be served provided they are not all active at the same time always.

To define the simple chat destination for this application: Among others, the BlazeDS proxy capabilities have three important use cases including:. All built-in adapter classes inherit from the ServiceAdapter abstract class. HTTP request-response Web services Remote procedure calls involving objects A possible demoting configuration could be as follows: