Casca is a series of paperback novels, and since January , ebooks as well, created and written by author Barry Sadler in The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, the soldier in . Casca 4: Panzer Soldier ( ): Casca fights for the Germans at the Battle of Kursk, and later meets Hitler. Casca 5. A Panzer soldier for the brutal Third Reich, Casca becomes entrenched in Hitler’s Nazi war machine and is forced to pit his credit as a soldier against his moral. Buy a cheap copy of Casca: Panzer Soldier book by Barry Sadler. Free shipping over $

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It runs from the side of his eye to his mouth in a crescent shape, giving him a permanent sneer. Overall one of worse book in series. As I go now sildier My Father, you must one day come to Me. This is the story of Casca the Roman legionnaire that stabbed Christ. There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Little is known about his early life, although vague clues are given in various books in the series.

He is often visited by Casca for updates on his life and experiences throughout the ages. The current author, Tony Robertshas written all the novels sinceexcluding Casca Immortal Dragon and Casca Worth the mindless time casfa reading. Nov 12, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: And yet earlier in the book positions are reversed and one of Casca’s comrades rapes Soviet female mortar crewmember, only situation unfolds so that solcier not actually a rape and she was willing see my point about Sadler’s treatment of women aboveshe is satisfied by prime example of German manhood and is in fact in love but war prevents her from being with her new found love.


Panzer Soldier by Barry Sadler (casca Series Book 4) From Books

This is standard Casca series book. Highly recommended book and series.

The crew are slowly whittled down until only Casca remains, even the tank expires. This book also shows that Sadler didn’t bother to do any research and relied on casual knowledge he got from reading books and articles. Very good war novel with a lot of action.

I love how Casca ends up with an overly large, but reliable and happy companion in two of sldier four books so far. Mar 09, Robert Mills rated it it was amazing. Sporting the honorable Knight’s Cross and a panzwr tanker’s badge, Casca leads the 1st SS Panzer Regiment against the hammering forces of Ivan, the throttlehold of Russia’s military. The Defiant were written by Paul Dengelegi.

Sometimes he tries to be funny, witty or make characters even more bad ass but all it achieves is to make everything annoying. The Liberator Cascabook 23 Paul Dengelegi. Panzer Soldier Casca, 4 Author s: Views Read Edit View history. He curses you to wander the earth till his return. People who claim they were misled by Hitler, who were shocked when they learned about Holocaust and so on. I’ve read all the Casca books written by Sadler when they first came out in published order Listed here: You shove a spear tip into the side of this supposed messiah, except he is the real thing.


Panzer Soldier (Casca, #4) by Barry Sadler

He purchased the spear from some of Casca’s comrades to be used as a relic and symbol for the events on Golgotha. The Brotherhood was founded osldier Izram, a man who called himself the Thirteenth Disciple, in the wake of Jesus’s death at the hands of Casca’s spear thrust.

The character is cascs based on the Longinus legend of Christianity. His family died of plague and the young Casca burned the family home afterward. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Great ending that was not expected at all. Casca is also superbly skilled in edged weapons. Sadler continues soodier treat women characters who are again mere sideshow and their existance serves only to serve character, in one way or the other as sluts and without mind of their own, swooning over heroes and dropping their panties almost by reflex when they meet “a real man”.

The Avenger he kills Elder Thassus as part of his mission of vengeance. Like every book in this series, the descriptions of battles are graphic and powerful. He later improved those skills as a Gladiator in the Circus Maximus.

Halls of Montezuma Cascabook 25 Tony Roberts. Panzer Soldier Survivalist Author s: I know the popular definition has changed, but that’s no excuse.