Comment le web change le monde. Dominique Piotet Francis Pisani. Published by VILLAGE MONDIAL (). ISBN ISBN To Our French Readers: L’Atelier’s “Comment le web change le monde” is publishing Dominique Piotet and Francis Pisani’s great introduction to Web According to Piotet and Pisani, we live in a new world of dynamic relationships Comment le web change le monde: L’alchimie des multitudes, Francis Pisani.

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To sum up, last August was marked by the announcement of the end of the PC era, with two symbolic elements and a very tangible one.

Today, I am not able to say who will win, but our responsibilities as citizens rests on it. If you are based in the Bay area, you are probably both using piswni inventing the Internet. An immediate challenge is to find a suitable economic model to reward users who now co-produce content. Nevertheless, this space is neither good nor bad, nor neutral, chaneg use a wellknown formula. On a different level, companies will soon exist “in the clouds”.

So what I am saying is that by framing it in the Friedmanian pronouncement we set ourselves up, at best for mediocracy and at worst, for failure. It is important to educate people, to initiate a public debate.

L’Atelier’s very own Dominique Piotet partnered with fellow countryman Francis Pisani to write a book which nicely puts into perspective the biggest Internet trend of the moment. De cette catastrophe inti This is the time needed for a technology to appear, give rise to the creation of one or several companies and finally take off. For English-speaking readers who will hopefully get a chance to read the book in English soon, part of the interest might be in the fact that the authors are outside observers with a different set of references than the natives.

Another expression they are fond of is “webactors. I would however like to make a remark on the subject: I think the shift is happening right now.


Another particularly demanding situation is that of the francs news media which have lost their former authority as readers have become commeht commentators and producers. It is well known and acknowledged – including in Silicon Valley – that there are other innovation hubs blossoming outside of it, with Brazil being a place mentioned with increased frequenccy.

Our approach is to say: For digital creations services, please check the Digitalarti services site and contact us. Is it just an illusion? You can once more take the examples of Tunisia and Egypt. Some interactions already existed, others have been facilitated by technology. In social networks, there is this “social relationship” dimension, which may pre-exist technology or survive without it, but also a certain type of relationship which is stimulated by technology.

For most users, technology has become simple enough that it can fade into the background and simply enable communication and sharing to happen unhindered.

They have chosen to invent a new term which is also the title of their book. According to you, what are the techno-logical and social spheres in which the transforming elements of the future will rise? Read the magazine for free online.

Date start Published in the Digitalarti Mag 8. Out of this frantic exchange comes new meaning. According to Piotet and Pisani, we live in a new world of dynamic relationships where we belong to many small and scattered communities. Today, our duty as citizens is to fight for this very aspect. Do androids dream about media art? The biggest revolution, francks course, is that one-way, top-down communication is a thing of the past.

First, one of the major players in personal computer, Steve Jobs [died]. If you are interesting in different niche as well as subject, you may surf our wonderful selection of our electronic book collection which is incorporate numerous choice, for example university or college textbook as well as journal for college student as well as virtually all type of product owners manual meant for product owner who’s in search of online copy of their manual guide.


Transmediale — Face Value, a premise to Post-Transmediale? It’s going to focus on mostly about the above subject together with additional information chane with it. This is committed to provide the most applicable as well as related pdf within our data bank on your desirable subject. Ckmment how soon will this happen and after reaching which technological and cultural compromises? There are two great examples: And third, I do not subscribe to Friedman’s view of a latterly flattened world.

But given a choice, they would choose this new world of great possibilities any day. Following this logic, we’re only halfway through the current cycle. On the occasion of the conference “Du web 2.

Francis Pisani (Author of Comment le web change le monde)

But I think this concept ought to be expanded. We are all actors on the web and this is changing t. I am going to respond in a convoluted manner. Alchemy because pooling many minds together can sometimes create gold, though not always.

The concept of innovation must be questionned

In July, you published on your blog a post entitled “La Silicon Valley est-elle en danger? France – Le Monde 23 sept. Thomas Friedman coined frsncis phrase The world is flat, according to which everyone is on the same level, everyone is connected and therefore technologies eradicate differences.

Here too, the shape has changed, but we read more and more.


To answer this, we must go and see. I consider this incorrect.

Online search behaviour may reflect real-world economic life.