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First, we propose that total annual ET of the XBMT is equal tothe sum of contributions from natural vegetation, agricultural land, and a residual term as described in79equation 5. As such, applying the WF to agricultural products inSAM has the potential to extend important gaps in knowledge in the application of the indicator, but alsoinform decision-making for water resources at regional and product levels.

Mammal Research, 63, 1: Given that ET0 is meant to represent the theoretical grass crop, the values ofRn and G cannot be the measured values above and below the crop canopy given the differences insurface albedo and crop cover throughout the year.

Resex Cazumba-Iracema recebe seu primeiro curso do Pronatec. Different maximum latewood density and blue intensity measurements techniques reveal similar results.

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A century of change in coastal sedimentary landscapes in the Canary Islands Spain — change, processes, and driving forces. Reconciling the tradeoff between economic and ecological objectives in habitat-tree selection: For each simulation, soybean developed over days with maize plantingoccurring one week after the soybean, with a development cycle of days.

Dynamic niche partitioning in root water uptake facilitates efficient water use in more diverse grassland plant communities. AquaCrop simulations of crop transpiration Tr, mm crop cycle -1grain yield ton ha-1 andwater productivity based on transpiration WPTr, kg m-3 for soybean and maize planting dates.


Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 29, 3: Mais de atendimentos foram realizados na Comunidade do Cazumba. The additional ET in the irrigated field coincided with planting of anazonas bean in the dry season day crop cycle while the Rainfed-1 field amaaonas planted to brachiara over the dry season. Global Environmental Change, Cryptodiscus muriformis and Schizoxylon gilenstamiitwo new species of Stictidaceae Ascomycota.

The technical nature of processes in the Production domainis dominated by the general field of engineering, where principal water concerns relate to efficiencies inoverall processes, as well as the output of production. Disentangling effects of air and soil temperature on C allocation in cold environments: Explaining European fungal fruiting phenology with climate variability.

Global Change Biology, doi: Total deposition of nitrogen in Swiss forests: Regional path dependence and climate change adaptation: Specific fluorescence in situ hybridization FISH test to highlight colonization of xylem vessels by Xylella fastidiosa in naturally infected olive trees Olea europaea L.

VI international chestnut symposium, Samsun, Turkey. Conclusionsfrom these WF approaches can then highlight actions that Society can take with respect to water uses. Daily stem diameter variations can predict the canopy water status of mature temperate trees.

Biological sciences, Geoscientific Model Development, 11, The downward facing sensorwas pointed towards the soybean and maize canopies in the Rainfed-2 field. Biotic interactions and seed deposition rather than abiotic factors determine recruitment at elevational range limits of an alpine tree. This increase in agricultural production hashad important socio-economic and environmental implications.

For instance, the consumption of soil moisture through ET forthe agricultural production of cotton represents a flow of water from the biosphere to the atmosphere. Applied Soil Ecology, Today, thisemerging field is mainly represented by two distinct communities following distinct WF approaches: Environmental variation is a major predictor of global trait turnover in mammals. Home range size and resource use of breeding and non-breeding white storks along a land use gradient. Impacts of salvage logging on biodiversity: Many other models have been proposed to describe impacts to humanhealth28, and environmental quality but overall model integration remains needed.


Climatic Change,3—4: Climate change produces winners and losers: An annually-resolved stem growth tool based on 3D laser scans and 2D tree-ring data.

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Mapping recreation as an ecosystem service: Water Resources Research, 54, 1: Beyond the April to July dry season where available water fraction approached 0 Figure A. Ecological factors influencing Norway spruce regeneration on nurse logs in a subalpine virgin forest.

De Freitas Pereira, M. Global Change Biology, 24, 9: Journal of Chemical Ecology, 44, What policy decisions may be informed by both WF Network and LCA approaches in the contextof expanding tropical agricultural production, and how may these decisions be complementary inthe management of land and water resources? Converging climate sensitivities of European forests between observed radial tree growth and vegetation models.

Profile of tree-related microhabitats in European primary beech-dominated forests. Combining animal and industrial water consumptive uses raised our computedvalues closer to those reported by ANA4.

Erratic blocks form small siliceous habitats in the calcareous Swiss lowlands and Jura mountains, 33226 special bryophytes and ferns and are endangered by bouldering and shading. To understand biodiversity patterns and to improve conservation measures, detailed knowledge of the influencing environmental factors is needed. New Phytologist,1: